Our concept of spatial planning

Impact by design is our concept of spatial planning. It’s aimed at generating pure positive impact, measured by ecosystems.

Ecosystem related challenges ask for more than unrelated, incidental interventions. We can no longer let the pace of ecosystem restoration, improvement and preservation be thwarted by the lack, and lagging, of top-down and bottom-up seamless communication and cooperation.

Programmatic context

We have devised a programmatic, pragmatic approach, to succeed and consolidate our Smart Ecosystem Engineering agenda.

Impact by design factors in the design requirements to obtain maximum pure positive impact at the lowest possible costs. Impact that is measured by the ecosystem itself. This approach applies for all the projects, technologies, and methodologies deployed within their programmatic context:

1 Design
2 Planning
3 Implementation
4 Operation of physical, social and economic interventions

Pure Positive Impact

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Biosfera is primarily an ecosystem-centric organization and interoperates as such with than human-centric, technology- or finance- and profit-centric organizations.

Positive impact means money

Impact by design is about generating maximum pure positive impact at the lowest possible costs.

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