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Daniel Lipschits is president and founder of Biosfera Foundation. Over the last decade, he has been conceiving, developing and forwarding the Biosfera Foundations’ Smart Ecosystem Engineering agenda.

He has speak-outs on a regular basis, in different continents, and is being asked for lectures about environmental sustainability, innovation in designing impact and possible future economic compensation mechanisms. He also lectures about the engineering of implementation frameworks and technology platforms for the development and dissemination of sustainable, biobased, circular and creative economies, industries and societies.

Daniel Lipschits has an impressive track record, spanning more than 30 years in the fields of the Arts, architecture, urban design, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation. He has worked extensively with programs and projects geared towards environmental regeneration and preservation, technological innovation for circular economic, social and environmental sustainability as well as the economics of environmental compensation mechanisms.  As such, he has operated in different capacities working for several ministries, government bodies and agencies, as well as clients from the private sector in the US, the EU, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka as well as for several international organizations. In this context he has also built and coordinated many successful consortia across academia, government and the private sector, often in the form of private-public partnerships.
As a consultant and advisor, he has been driving policymaking in bi- and multilateral settings.
Part of the year, Daniel is based in Spain.