We are experienced in programs and projects geared towards environmental regeneration and preservation. This also applies to technological innovation for circular economic, for social and environmental sustainability as well as the economics of ecological compensation mechanisms. We can collaborate on projects with our broad international network of experts.

Advice and research

We work for ministries, government bodies and agencies, and clients from the private sector in the US, the EU, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka.


We are experienced in building and coordinating consortia across academia, government and the private sector, often in the form of private public partnerships (PPP's).

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Smart Ecosystem Engineering

We have built a portfolio in India in cooperation with Biostarts Ventures (Kolkata) on integrated site-specific design & bio-engineering solutions:

  • Natural treatment systems (non-chemical processes)
  • Bio-redemiation
  • Phyto-remediation
  • Phyto-soil stabilization
  • Low carbon green engineering
  • Realtime IOT-based monitoring & alerts
  • Data analytics & sustainability index

Bio-engineering solutions

Our portfolio in India consists of:

  • Grey water management
  • Coastal restoration
  • Wet land conservation
  • Integrated river solution management
  • Restoration of contaminated lakes, waterbodies, canals
  • Restoration of urban solid waste dump sites
  • Landfill site restoration
  • Fly ash dump stabilization and restoration
  • Green capping & stabilization
  • Slope protection & stabilization