We offer capacity building programs on resilience and a positive footprint in spatial planning.
In collaboration with your organization, we bring relevant experts, stakeholders and creative, innovative thinkers to the table. For example: 'Impact by design Kerala': a sprint program on resilience and a positive footprint in urban development in India.


We are experienced in programs and projects geared towards environmental regeneration and preservation. This also applies to technological innovation for a circular economy, for social and environmental sustainability as well as the economics of ecological compensation mechanisms. We can collaborate on these issues with our broad international network of experts.


We offer a service to thoroughly examine your innovative technology or approach. For innovative clean/green technology companies, or sustainable solution providers. Your product or service has a positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You want to have this impact quantified and valued independently.


TUPIX® is the Operating System (OS) that Biosfera develops for ecosystems. TUPIX® is the perfect monitoring and management platform to bring the demand and supply around positive impact together. With TUPIX®, ecosystems and eco-tech providers that are "tupified" can measure, book and pay for their impact within the ecosystem. The impact measurement is no longer carried out by external parties - based on interpretations and assumptions - but directly, automatically, transparently and indisputably by the ecosystem.


We are available for panels, speak-outs, lectures and interactive, innovative meetings on environmental sustainablility in a broad cross-sectional perspective. For instance:  environmental sustainability, innovative impact design, possible future economic compensation mechanisms, the engineering of frameworks and technology platforms for the development and dissemination of sustainable, biobased, circular and creative economies, industries and societies.