We represent the biosphere

Biosfera’s mission is to represent the biosphere. Natural ecosystems are smart by nature: all organisms work together in a dynamic balance, without waste. Our engineered ecosystems should become just as smart. Combined value chains are ecologically, socially, and economically interesting. The good news is that a lot can be done already with the available technology.

Founder & Strategy director

Developer of SEE & inventor of TUPIX®

Daniel Lipschits is president and founder of Biosfera Foundation. Over the last decade, he has been conceiving, developing and forwarding the Biosfera Foundations’ Smart Ecosystem Engineering agenda.

He has speak-outs on a regular basis, in different continents, and is being asked for lectures about environmental sustainability, innovation in designing impact and possible future economic compensation mechanisms. He also lectures about the engineering of implementation frameworks and technology platforms for the development and dissemination of sustainable, biobased, circular and creative economies, industries and societies.

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Smart Ecosystem Engineering (SEE)

Worldwide, governments have provided for research and legislation towards more sustainability. Yet, real change is not happening and we're short in time. How can we move forward?

Let's make the world big again!  Biosfera offers an answer to really accelerate on the SDG's, based on three principles:
1 Give a voice to the ecosystem
2 Measure, book, and value generated impact
3 Invest in real-time monitored environmental impact

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Impact by design

Impact by design is our concept of spatial planning. It’s aimed at generating pure positive impact, measured by ecosystems.
Positive impact means money.  How do you maximize the generation of pure positive impact, at the lowest costs? That’s what Impact by design is about.

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REMIT stands for: Reversing the Migration Trend. This important program focuses on interventions in rural areas. REMIT's goal is to restore and preserve ecosystems, creating an incentive for villagers to stay put instead of migrating towards the cities.

RECOVER aims at those areas where advanced soil degradation, deforestation, and desertification puts local communities under pressure. Ultimately they have no choice than to migrate. Biosfera uses different methods and solution packages for reforestation, soil recovery, and water retention with one aim: restore the ecosystems that local communities depend on for their livelihoods.

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Forest Farms


Forest Farms is a sustainable innovative project, focused on greening the desert as a regular trade for the local population in developing countries.
We are looking for funding to execute the first project in the Thar desert in Rajasthan (India) and to upscale the business model into a worldwide franchise formula.

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