An example of a sprint program

We have designed a sprint program, based on Biosfera's Impact by design, on resilience, a positive footprint, and a digital mindset in urban development. This sprint program is a co-creation between the team of Biosfera and BLOC.

The use case of Kerala

The south Indian state of Kerala was horrifyingly struck by floods in the summer of 2018, claiming 488 casualties and 40.000 crores (4,9 billion Euros) in physical damage. Furthermore, it left 800,000 people without a home.

The World Bank is collaborating with the regional government to restore those living environments. Making those communities more resilient to future problems is one of the key ambitions.

What's our sprint program?

Together with the local organizations, we form a team on resilience, a positive footprint, and a digital mindset in urban development.
We offer a densely programmed week on location, where a collective of stakeholders, experts, designers, engineers, and other creative thinkers work in small groups on a case. We can make (a combination of) an analysis of the challenges and opportunities within the ecosystem, an analysis of the opportunities, value propositions, interventions, and/or an exploitation model.

Interested in capacity building?


For who?

For policy makers, project developers, investors and companies in het working fields of real estate, sustainable energy and leisure.

Who are the experts?

This sprint program is a co-creation between the team of Biosfera and BLOC. In collaboration with the experts of your own organization, we bring relevant experts, stakeholders and creative, innovative thinkers to the table.

A sprint program? Why?

Complex contexts, high ambitions, and international initiatives ask for an efficient way of working. Worldwide, around 60% of the area expected to be urban by 2030, has yet to be built. The technologies used to create that infrastructure will have far-reaching social and ecological implications. By ensuring that those implications will be net positive (in environmental, social and economic terms) the building industry has enormous leverage on the world.

How does one kickstart urgent development? By selecting a standardized (white label) set of high-quality services – housing, clean energy production, food, work facilities – into a custom-made collection, we can radically decrease development time and deploy solutions on site very swiftly. These facilities are provided on an as-a-service basis to ensure circularity, up-time and quality levels. Financially, the concept is backed by for-impact investors who are interested in financial revenues and positive impact which we can calculate via TUPIX, Biosfera’s monitoring & management system for ecosystems.


About our partner

BLOC develops pioneering concepts and projects for a wide variety of fields. Never limited in social relevance and ambition. High-tech, circular, community-driven and even upgradable buildings, innovative mobility concepts, climate-proof building strategies, re-use of CO2 and industrial waste heat are all in our scope. By positively activating companies, NGO’s and governments, we make these processes and projects happen.
A reference program: BLOC has developed the Dutch Mountains concept: a complete service based working environment in the largest wooden building of the world. By collaborating with service providers (such as Dell) instead of traditional building parties, we were able to create a new benchmark for buildings. This resulted in a spot right in the center of Eindhoven: the high-tech capital of the Netherlands.