Bamboo Bio Based

Brazil is well positioned to attain a leading role worldwide in industrial bamboo. Within the context of a bio-based economy, the industrialization of bamboo in Brazil can establish a truly unique system, with important implications for innovations in bio-based, industrial infrastructure, breakthrough technologies in the applications of bamboo and for bamboo as a global source of a renewable industrial raw material.

It is in that context that Programa Biosfera (pB) developed ‘sistema Bambu Base Biológica’ (BBB): a system for the sustainable development of the industrialization of bamboo in Brazil. Both Brazilian federal law regarding the advancement of bamboo and the bilateral relations with The Netherlands with respect to the developing and implementation of a bio-based economy in Brazil provide solid ground to the roll out of BBB. It is the federal governments’ ambition to render 30% of the Brazilian economy bio-based by 2030.

Bio Based Economy in Nederland
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