Biomass in Brazil

Together with Ecofys and by order of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, a market survey,including a comprehensive mapping of Brazil’s biobased economy was performed.

Next to that, (market) trends, and opportunies for Brazilian Dutch cooperation in the biobased economy were identified and subsequently researched. All aspects of biomass valorisation within the biobased economy were taken in account: not only energy related applications but also more advanced applications in the fields of biomaterials and biochemicals.

Biomass is generated in, and available through a varying range of (residual) streams within the agroindustrial productive chains, but also in the urban context, through MSW and wastewater. In Brazil, the most common biomass application is the use of sugarcane for the production of biofuels: but so much more is possible in the context of the biobased economy in Brazil. Next to biopower and biofuels, there are good opportunities in the fields of biogas and the valorisation of domestic and industrial waste-streams in the form of solid waste and waste-water. Especially the inclusion of biomass-to biomaterials and biochemicals in the biomass processing productive- and value-streams offer great opportunities for Dutch companies and for Brazilian-Dutch cooperation.

Source: http://www.rvo.nl/onderwerpen/tools/netwerkpartners-zoeken/pei/focuslanden/brazilie/biomassa-brazilie

Open Biomass business opportunities in Brazil for the Dutch
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