The new ecological biotechnology

The new ecological biotechnology: closing the metabolic loops with productive green areas - Lecture by Daniel Lipschits at the Bioforum of the Institute of Biology, University of Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil

 Often terms as ‘industrial ecology’, the ‘ecology of information architecture’ etc. are understood as analogies, borrowing from understandings with regard to a natural ecology. In this day and age, the compartmentalization of scientific research into the mechanisms pertaining to the natural environment is not conducive for developing whole-systemic approaches that can factor in the direct and indirect environmental impacts of human activity conclusively: the different scientific lenses shed at best a diffuse light on the effects of the contrasts between the linearity of human activity and the cyclical dynamics of nature. By defining the human impact on natural ecology through analyzing the metabolic loops of human activity (the use and processing of water, energy, waste, nutrients and goods), new insights in the interrelation between man and nature, between the natural and built environment can be attained. This lecture hopes to inspire through concrete examples of circular economy showing how different scientific disciplines and technological innovation go hand-in-hand in defining this new field of Ecological Biotechnology.

Source: http://bioforumunicamp.blogspot.com/2015/04/daniel-lipschits-new-ecological.html

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